BCCF October Newsletter & Athlete of the Month

The Blue Crab CrossFit September Committed Club

Congratulations to the following individuals who made it to the gym 15+ times in September! Consistency is key for growth and your hard work shows. This month is a bonus month – on October 3rd, we will be drawing the $20 monthly winner as well as those who made it consistently in July/August/September (noted by the *) for the quarterly $50! Watch for the winners on the 3rd!

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– Shannon Morris –

Congratulations to our October BCCF Athletes of the Month, Shannon Morris!! We are so proud of Shannon and how far she’s come since joining BCCF! She tackles every workout with a purpose and great attitude and does so often after a long commute back from Northern Virginia! With the many things she balances in life, we’re so proud of her for prioritizing herself and the gym amongst a crazy schedule!  Thanks for being such a great role model for us all! Check out her story below for a nomination well deserved!
Where did you grow up? Did you have any siblings, pets – what was your home life like? Were you involved in sports and/or other activities? Favorite memory growing up?

I was born Washington, DC, but lived in Greenbelt, MD and Elkridge, MD, but ended up moving again to Millersville, MD when I was 10. I started gymnastics early in elementary school and quickly learned skills. My mother was also a gymnast and my paternal great grandfather performed acrobatics in the circus at one point in his life. When I got to high I decided to do competitive cheer and gymnastics on the side. In college I didn’t play any sports, but after college I play women’s rugby and loved it. After a five years of rugby and a bad injury I played D league soccer for a Howard County Park and Recs league.

I have a half sister who is 16 years younger than me. She played in travel and high school softball for years.

How were you first introduced to CrossFit? How long have you been a BCCF member, what is your favorite workout/movement, etc. Do you have a favorite BCCF memory? How do you feel CrossFit has changed/influenced your life?

Coach Mandy first approached me about CrossFit. We are work colleagues and were hanging with mutual work friends I had heard about CF, but at the time my work schedule was tough and I wasn’t prioritizing self care. So a year later after two other friends joined I made a commitment to myself and joined. I knew I needed to spend money on myself and my long time away from fitness showed. I was almost 200 pounds, living off of caffeine and barely had time to eat. CF has made me prioritize my health and it totally changed how I eat today. I completely overhauled my diet, eating five times a day and ensuring each small meal is a balance of protein, veggies and carbs. Additionally, my water intake drastically increased. I usually drink 75 to 100 ounces of water a day. With a BS in Health Science this was all information I knew, but if it wasn’t for CF I don’t think I would of changed my behaviors.

What goals do you have within the next year – CrossFit and non-CrossFit?

This is my last year of my 40’s. I want to compete in a scaled or master CF or weightlifting competition at least once a month till I hit 50 next year. I would also like to have more work life balance and hike more. The work life balance is a constant struggle for me.

Tell us more about your life outside of the gym – favorite thing to do when you’re bored, favorite meal, music, job etc. Give us one really random fact that people may not know about you. 

Outside of the gym I manage my home life with my 16 year old daughter and my Father who lives with us and our dog Maxie, a dachshund corgi mix. I work some days in northern VA so that commute is a bitch. It has been the biggest hurdle maintaining my workout schedule due to my current job. My favorite meal is probably a big taco salad, but a second favorite is Lechon (Roasted Suckling Pig).

Fun fact: Most people don’t realize I’m Puerto Rican, I’m half. Also, most people don’t realize I’m 49.