BCCF September Newsletter & Athlete of the Month

Class Times – Labor Day

On Monday, September 5th, BCCF will have Saturday hours for classes due to the holiday. Classes will be 8:30am and 10am.


The Blue Crab CrossFit August Committed Club

Congratulations to the following individuals who made it to the gym 15+ times in August! The list has GROWN! Consistency is key for growth and your hard work shows. As a reminder, if you’ve made the July and August list AND you are on it for September, you’re qualified for the quarterly $50 drawing! Those who made the July and August list are noted with a * (excluding coaches).

On September 3rd, we’ll randomly draw a name to win $20 store credit to be used at BCCF. If you think your name was missed, please send us a note by the 2nd with proof of 15 sign ins in August.

Didn’t make the August list? We restart TODAY – so your chances of making the list start over! Don’t forget – just RSVP’ing does not count towards attendance – you also have to sign in!

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– Jimmy & Brandy Wilson –

Congratulations to our September BCCF Athletes of the Month, Jimmy & Brandy Wilson! We are so proud of this amazing Power Couple! When they are not busy keeping us all safe or running their daughters around you will find them consistently at the gym always showing up with a smile! Their hard work and dedication to the gym shows and we’re so excited to honor this amazing couple! Check out their story below for a nomination well deserved!

Where did you grow up? Did you have any siblings, pets – what was your home life like? Were you involved in sports and/or other activities? Favorite memory growing up?

Brandy: I grew up in Elkridge about 3 miles from BCCF. I have 2 sisters and a brother, growing up we had Lab/Irish Setter dog named Lady. Growing up I never participated in any Sports. It wasn’t until I joined BCCF that I ever considered myself an athlete. My favorite memory growing up is hard to narrow down to one, but I’d say all the family celebrations, vacations, and traditions that we’ve celebrated and have since passed on to our girls.

Jimmy: I grew up in Elkridge. Not too far from the gym. Me and Brandy actually grew up together right down the street from each other. My favorite memory growing up was taking family vacations to upstate NY to visit my dads family.

How were you first introduced to CrossFit? How long have you been a BCCF member, what is your favorite workout/movement, etc. Do you have a favorite BCCF memory? How do you feel CrossFit has changed/influenced your life?

Brandy: After having Chloe (our youngest) I decided that I needed to do something physical and get active, during that time social media and a few friends were “buzzing” about CrossFit. I decided I was going to “try it out”, I had researched a few CrossFit Gyms in the area, and saw a Blue Crab sign in my neighborhood and decided I’d give it a try. I participated in Foundations and became “hooked”. I loved the community atmosphere, I loved that for 1 hour, I was focused and pushed out of my comfort zone. My favorite movements at CrossFit are Deadlifts and Back Squats. My favorite BCCF memory is participating in the Girls Rx competition with teams of females from BCCF.  CrossFit has changed my life, in 2016 I decided I wanted to try and get hired by the fire department, which has a test called CPAT, that is a timed labor intensive test which involves strength and cardio endurance. CrossFit is the only reason that I was able to pass, and had put me in the best physical shape of my life.

Jimmy: So my first introduction to CrossFit was from a coworker. But it was actually Brandy who got me into CrossFit. I was not interested at all in the beginning. But she joined BlueCrab right after they opened at the original location. She was very dedicated from the beginning. I could see the joy it brought her.  She also was persistent on me trying it with her. Well I joined a few months after her and it’s been a great decision for both of us. Before CrossFit, I personally did not workout. Ever. But now it’s the only way I can workout.  I enjoy the community and the support.

What goals do you have within the next year – CrossFit and non-CrossFit?

Brandy: My goals in the gym are to maintain fitness and come to the gym at least 3 days a week. I’d like to PR my OHS and get a rope climb or two in. Outside of the gym I’d like to maintain a healthy life style.

Jimmy: My goals have really remained unchanged from previous years.  A few are obviously remaining active in the gym.  I feel as I get older it becomes harder between work and dealing with nagging injuries from time to time. But a big goal is just keeping an active and healthy life style.

Tell us more about your life outside of the gym – favorite thing to do when you’re bored, favorite meal, music, job etc. Give us one really random fact that people may not know about you. 

Brandy: Outside of the gym I work a 24/72 hour shift for Anne Arundel County Fire Dept, I’m assigned to the Brooklyn Fire Station. When I’m not working, I’m busy running the girls to Cheer or gymnastics. My favorite music to listen to is Volbeat.  My favorite meal is Steak and Potatoes and Veggies. I love to unwind and drink orange crushes.  I love to travel and try new places.

Jimmy: Life outside the gym is busy.  We have 3 daughters and they keep us on our toes for sure.  I’m an outdoors kind of person.  Anything outside is a favorite thing to do.  I personally love shooting sports.  I enjoy getting out and challenging myself when it comes to shooting.  I also love hunting and riding my 4 wheeler. One of my most favorite things is camping. We love to camp. We have a camper and it’s something that we all can enjoy and be outside.  Random fact?  That’s a tough one. I am a firearms instructor on the side.

Fact(s) about you both:  So facts about us both. We both are Firefighter’s and both of us are Paramedics.  We both love our job and I think I can say we have the best job in the world.