Blue Crab CrossFit August Newsletter

The Blue Crab CrossFit Committed Club Results

Congratulations to the following individuals who made it to the gym 15+ times in July – awesome job, everyone! Consistency is key for growth and your hard work is showing!

On August 3rd, we’ll spin the wheel to randomly select a name to win the monthly $20 store credit to be used at the BCCF store. If you think your name was missed, please send us a note by the 2nd with proof of 15 sign ins.

Why 15 check ins to make the list?

We believe that you if you are consistently attending the gym 3-4 times per week, you’re going to achieve your goals more quickly over time. If you’re struggling to get to the gym consistently, treat it like a meeting with yourself. Schedule it out for the week and show up for the meeting to prioritize yourself and your health.

Didn’t make the list? We restart TODAY – so your chances of making the list start over!

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– Charlynn Burgess –

Congratulations to our August BCCF Athletes of the Month, Charlynn Burgess! If you’ve been to a class with Charlynn, you know how contagious her energy and smile are! We’re excited to highlight Charlynn and her great story!

Charlynn, we appreciate you always showing up to class with your energy and dancing to keep us all smiling and motivated during a tough workout! Thanks for being such a great BCCF role model and member!

Tell us a bit about yourself!

Hello, I’m Charlynn! I grew up in Landover, Md. I am the oldest of 3 siblings. I was not involved in any sports as a child, however I was a Girl Scout for over 10 years.

Tell us about your fitness journey and discovering CrossFit

I was initially introduced to CrossFit during my rookie year as a firefighter at the Elkridge Volunteer Fire Station. Blue Crab was located on Rt 1 so I decided to check it out. I did not initially feel comfortable with the movements and decided not to join. Years later my boss (Jimmy Wilson) & a previous CrossFit member encouraged me to give it a try again, so I did and now I LOVE 💕 CrossFit! I’ve been a member for 4 years and what I love sooooo much about CrossFit is the super supportive community, the intense workouts and the positive impact CrossFit has on my life both physically and mentally. This community is amazing!!!!!! From the coaches to the members. The coaches and members push you beyond what you think you can do every single session.  The coaches are always watching and if a workout looks too easy, you might just find additional weight added to your barbell, a heavier dumbbell, or they might increase the resistance on your rower. The workouts are challenging and sometimes seem impossible, however since joining CrossFit, I’ve grown to push myself beyond my own limits and it has truly become an empowering and a euphoric experience!

What goals do you have within the next year – CrossFit and non-CrossFit?

CrossFit – My CrossFit goals include handstand walks, unbroken toes to bar & a bar muscle up

Non-CrossFit – My non CrossFit goals include traveling, buying a new car and finding a new hobby

Tell us more about your life outside of the gym – favorite thing to do when you’re bored, favorite meal, music, job etc. 
I am a Firefighter/Paramedic for the Howard County Fire Department. I joined the department 9.5 years ago and it is the best and most rewarding job that I could ever ask for! My favorite hobbies are traveling and roller skating. I caught the travel bug back in 2019 and I have traveled to Paris, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Budapest, Italy and more. I recently returned from a 15 day trip to Europe and Italy has become my favorite place to travel. Italy is a beautiful country with great food, good people and beautiful romantic accents! I also really enjoy roller skating. My closest friend introduced me to roller skating in the summer of 2021 and I’ve been skating since. My favorite place to skate is an outdoor skate pavilion in Washington, DC. My favorite foods includes Italian, Taco’s, Salmon and Waffles!

Random Fact: My lifetime goal is to become a pediatric neurosurgeon!

In this Pregnancy & Postpartum Athleticism class, Coach Sam Harthman will discuss how to listen to your body and what to expect postpartum when it comes to being a female athlete. We only have a couple of spots remaining for ladies who are pregnant, plan to become pregnant, or who have had a child. Let us know if you would like to sign up and reserve your spot by August 4th!