Blue Crab CrossFit September Newsletter

Blue Crab CrossFit September 2023 Newsletter

The Blue Crab CrossFit Committed Club Results

Congratulations to the following individuals who made it to the gym 15+ times in August – awesome job, everyone! Consistency is key for growth and your hard work is showing! * indicate the individuals qualified for the quarterly $50 drawing! Make the list in September if you’re in the running and get into the $50 drawing!

On September 3rd, we’ll spin the wheel to randomly select a name to win the monthly $20 store credit to be used at the BCCF store. If you think your name was missed, please send us a note by the 2nd with proof of 15 sign ins.

Why 15 check ins to make the list?

We believe that you if you are consistently attending the gym 3-4 times per week, you’re going to achieve your goals more quickly over time. If you’re struggling to get to the gym consistently, treat it like a meeting with yourself. Schedule it out for the week and show up for the meeting to prioritize yourself and your health.

Didn’t make the list? We restart TODAY – so your chances of making the list start over!

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– Casey Shoemaker –

Congratulations to our September BCCF Athletes of the Month, Casey Shoemaker! Casey inspires us every day, prioritizing herself in her busy schedule while balancing three kids and a full time job while always being towards the top each month for number of check ins! She always shows up with a smile and brings a fantastic attitude to class every day!

Thank you, Casey, for showing us how to balance everything and continue to improve every day at the gym and for being such a great BCCF role model and member!

Tell us a bit about yourself!

 I grew up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana the middle of 3 kids. I’ve got an older brother and younger sister. I spent most of my early childhood at the Wallbanger (a local raquet ball club) where my mom played racquetball and my brother, sister and I spent the day swimming. In high school I played volleyball, basketball, and softball. In my 20s I was really into spin class, and after being heavy most of my life I got into running in my 30s. I did a few half marathons but continued to struggle with weight loss until I had gastric sleeve surgery in 2016.

Tell us about your fitness journey and discovering CrossFit

After losing 110 pounds post surgery, and battling running injuries, my husband suggested I consider CrossFit as a way to stay active. My first go round was not a positive experience because they gym I tried was not as welcoming and friendly as Blue Crab. I continued to take different exercise classes at the Y but was still looking for something different to do. After having our fourth daughter in 2019 and being cooped up for so long from the pandemic my husband again encouraged me to consider CrossFit and this time I found Blue Crab. From the time I walked through the door a little over a year and a half ago I felt like I was at home. Since then, Crossfit has become a staple in my life. I look forward to class every day and can’t wait to see what challenge awaits. Because I take the time for myself daily, I am a calmer, more patient involved parent and partner.

What goals do you have within the next year – CrossFit and non-CrossFit?


I am really looking forward to my first competition this September. From there I would like to get double unders and pull ups and possibly compete more.  Non-CrossFit goals are to survive our daughter, Camille’s, senior year of high school.  She and I plan to go to Italy for her senior trip!

Tell us more about your life outside of the gym – favorite thing to do when you’re bored, favorite meal, music, job etc. 

My life outside of the gym definitely revolves around my family and is very busy. My girls and husband are all very active with their own sports and I try to be their biggest cheerleader. If I’m not at one of their practices or competitions, you can most likely find my in the kitchen. I love to cook! I also really love puzzles of all kinds and always have a puzzle book of some kind in my purse in case I have a few minutes of down time.

BCCF CrossFit Youth – Returning Soon!

We’re excited to announce that in  mid-October, BCCF CrossFit Youth will be making a return!

We are excited that Coach Sam will be taking the reins as our CrossFit Youth coach, focusing on ages 5-9 to start and eventually we plan to build out a program for 10-15 year olds. As soon as we finish ironing out the details, we’ll send it soon! Currently the plan is to run six week programs, 3-4 times a year.

Thank you, Sam, for proposing the classes! We’re so excited to get our future generations into the gym and inspiring them to be strong like their parents!

Specialty Classes at Blue Crab CrossFit

Our Pregnancy & Postpartum Athleticism and Clean & Jerk Clinic both kicked off in August and WE LOVE to see our members focusing on improvement in these two specialty areas.

A huge thank you to Coach Sam and Coach Mitch for proposing these classes! We appreciate you both sharing your knowledge with us and we cannot wait to see the end result from these two classes!

Did you miss signing up for these to classes? Due to the positive feedback we’ve received from the people in the classes, we hope to offer similar classes in the future! Keep an eye out in the newsletter and around the gym for the next ones! They will always be offered to BCCF members first, then offered outside of the gym if we do not fill all seats.

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