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I come from a big family… 4 brothers and 2 sisters, with the greatest parents anyone could ask for. Growing up was non-stop sports (soccer, lacrosse, snowboarding, dirtbikes, etc.) If I wasn’t at a team practice, then I was most likely outside in some sort of competition with my brothers – we’re still super competitive in everything we do. My main sports were soccer and lacrosse – I played both through high school and played lacrosse in college at Lynchburg College, where I majored in Graphic Design. Outside of coaching, I am going on 10 years working full-time as a Marketing Director for a manufacturing consulting company in Columbia. I currently live in Pasadena with my fiance, Jamie, and our two pitties – Wilson and Quinn. We get married this fall and if it wasn’t for BCCF we probably never would have met!

Hometown: West Friendship, MD

What’s the most rewarding things about being a coach? Having the opportunity to help people better themselves and see them accomplish things they didn’t think were possible.

What’s your favorite movement? Dumbbell snatches and doubleunders

What’s your favorite workout? Murph (minus the running) and sometimes Fran

What contributes to your success at BCCF? The people, 100%. They constantly push and encourage me and everyone else in the gym.

What’s your advice to our members? Commit to it and don’t give up.. Result are earned over time.

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