New Parternships & Products @ BCCF

New Partnerships & Products at the
Blue Crab CrossFit Store!
We’re excited to announce new partnerships and products we will be offering at Blue Crab CrossFit! If you love them, we’ll keep them!

First up, our new partnership with Thorne Supplements. You’ve seen the name during the CrossFit Open and one of the major sponsors or some of the workouts. We’re excited to offer you quality Thorne products to aid in your performance and recovery. We’ve chosen the primary basic supplements that will support you both inside and outside of the gym. These products are quality, tested products that are not full of harmful fillers, rather quality ingredients to supplement your diet with these essential vitamins and minerals. Your purchase of these products supports BCCF and proceeds will be reinvested into the gym through education and new equipment. Look for products such as creatine, vitamin D, fish oil, age/gender-specific supplements, protein, etc.

We’ll carry a handful of Thorne Products in our store with the majority of their products available in our online shop. Click the button below to check out what they offer and take the test to see which supplements would be best for you!

O2 is a new beverage we’re going to try out since KillCliff is getting rid of some of our favorite flavors. This is another name you’ve seen in a lot of CrossFit-related settings – O2 Recovery! O2 is a┬árecovery drink with only clean ingredients, electrolytes, natural caffeine, and added oxygen to help athletes recover faster. They aren’t carbonated and some flavors are caffeinated while others aren’t. We’re excited to offer this drink to you and to offer another option that does not contain caffeine. Our first order should be arriving soon!
And finally, one we’ve probably all heard of – RxBar! We’ve been searching for one more food option to have in our store that contains natural ingredients and is light enough to be consumed before/after a workout without upsetting your stomach. These are great for travel, a quick snack, or around your workout to make sure you have something in your stomach for immediate energy and/or recovery. We’re hoping to have our first order in stock soon! If you have a favorite flavor – let us know and we’ll do our best to add it to our first order!