Blue Crab CrossFit June Newsletter

The Blue Crab CrossFit Committed Club Results

Congratulations to the following individuals who made it to the gym 15+ times in May! Awesome job, everyone! Consistency is key for growth and your hard work is showing!

On June 3rd, we’ll spin the wheel to randomly select a name to win $20 store credit to be used at the BCCF store. If your name has a * next to it AND you make the June list, you’re eligible for the quarterly $50 drawing! If you think your name was missed, please send us a note by the 2nd with proof of 15 sign ins in by June 2nd.

Didn’t make the list? We restart TODAY – so your chances of making the list start over!

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– Jami & Brian Silvia –

Congratulations to our June BCCF Athletes of the Month, Jami and Brian Silvia! If you’ve been in a class with Jami and Brian, you know they always show up with a great attitude and well coordinated outfits 🙂 We appreciate them, their consistency, and their desire to always challenge themselves and embrace the stimulus for each workout. We appreciate you both for always showing up with a great attitude and for making class fun! Check out their great story below!

Tell us a bit about yourself!

Jami – I’m from Seaford, DE. Growing up, I hung out at Rehoboth Beach a lot, I swam most summers and then I was on the high school swim team and swam a little in college. I was the Drum Major leading our competitive marching band in high school (I played bass clarinet during concert band through middle school and high school, I am a big fan of music). In college I played Rugby (open-side flanker). When I got out of college, I did civil engineering until I moved to Baltimore and got a job with Maryland Dept. of the Environment penalizing people who pollute Maryland’s waterways.

Brian – I’ve been in the same 20 minute radius pretty much all my life (Arbutus, Halethorpe, Ellicott City & Pasadena) except when I went to College at Salisbury. Growing up I was an “indoor kid,” spent my free time playing video games and poker. I have always been interested in computers, so I dual majored in computer science and mathematics and I have been working in the technology industry for over a decade.

Tell us about your fitness journey and discovering CrossFit

So, Brian had talked Jami into joining a Globo-Gym and she absolutely hated the monotony of doing the same thing all the time. We knew we needed to work out, but were at our wits end after trying pretty much ever fad diet out there and none really working. Brian said that maybe we try CrossFit and see how we like it. We did a little bit of research and Blue Crab had advertised somewhere that they had 30 minute classes and we figured that was better than hour classes. Little did we know that all CrossFit were hour classes! We signed up for Foundations and it literally almost killed us, we were so sore for weeks! We stuck with it, still go up and down with our weight, but have a ton more muscle, and 4.5 years later, we are still here and absolutely love BCCF. Additionally, one thing CrossFit has given us is functional strength to just do more activities and even on vacation, we find ourselves looking for more active things to do (kayaking, hiking, snorkling, etc.).

What goals do you have within the next year – CrossFit and non-CrossFit?

Jami – My main goal within the fitness arena is to lose some of this body fat and keep gaining muscle. Non-Fitness would be to get our flip sold (construction is taking for-freaking-ever) and working on expanding our rental portfolio.

Brian – My main goals for the next year are to  lose fat, targeting ~20% BF, and to pay off debt. Longer term is to do a pull-up, and hopefully retire at some point!

Tell us more about your life outside of the gym – favorite thing to do when you’re bored, favorite meal, music, job etc. 

Jami – I enjoy reading and hanging out with friends and family. I’m a big fan of punk rock. I love visiting new restuarants and traveling to fun new places. I am a foodie (I have tried to cut this back), I cook and would love to one day open a restaurant and I have gotten into smoking meats and other foods.

Brian – I love the same music when working out, and when having to deep dive into some code: rap, electronica, and heavy metal (the heavier the better) and I started college as a second semester sophomore. I was never into sports growing up, but I was the number 1 board in my high school’s chess club.

Facts about you both: We both love our four cats (we are disgusting cat people) and sushi and love to travel. When we do travel, Jami typically picks an island or somewhere on the coast so she can be on the water.

Our final Bring a Friend Week of 2023 is only a couple of weeks away!

Do you have a friend/family member that you would like to share CrossFit with, risk free?! If so, bring them by for one day or the whole week!

Referrals go up to $75 for BOTH you and your friend/family member during BaFW! See you there!