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Tom is a lifelong outdoor sports enthusiast who got into weightlifting and fitness as a way to improve my ability to perform. 

What made you want to be a coach? “The best way to learn something is to teach it.”.  I enjoy sharing what I know, so once I reached a level of proficiency, working toward coaching was a logical next step. 

What’s the most rewarding things about being a coach? It is incredibly rewarding to see people triumph in the gym each day – hitting a PR, learning a new skill, or just refusing to quit during a tough workout. It’s my privilege as a coach to help people achieve those victories.

What’s your favorite movement? Strict handstand push-ups. Even better with a deficit. 

What’s your favorite workout? Murph.

What contributes to your success at BCCF? The people and community at BCCF are such a positive element of my day that it makes it easy to show up consistently and work hard. 

What’s your advice to our members? Leave your ego at the door. There’s always someone stronger or faster than you, and some days the weights will just seem extra heavy. Focus each day on simply doing the best you can do that day.

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