Our 60 Group Minute Classes

$170 | Annual Contract
$190 | 28 Week Contract
$210 | Four Week Contract
$153 | Military/First Responder Rate
$310 | Couples/Family Annual for 2x people
$350 | Couples/Family Six Month for 2x people
$390 | Couples/Family Month-to-Month for 2x people

CrossFit is high intensity training at its finest. Workouts combine a variety of functional movements – everything from cardio and gymnastics to olympic lifting. Every day brings something new, so get ready to get after it! Foundations is required for those new to CrossFit prior to attending class. See below for information about Foundations.

Prices for CrossFit memberships are billed in four week cycles. Prices reflect the charge per four weeks depending on the options chosen for your membership contract.

We do not offer an Open Gym only membership. We believe in our programming and our community and want you to be a part of it.

If you are looking for a gym with an Open Gym only membership, that’s not us, but we’re happy to provide recommendations if you cannot locate one on your own.


Foundations is an introductory course required for all new members of Blue Crab CrossFit.

$150 | 2x One-on-One Classes + 1x week of classes + Personalized Nutrition Report
$250 | 2x One-on-One Classes + 1x month of classes + Personalized Nutrition Report

Over the course two one-on-one 60 minute classes, you will learn about nutrition and how CrossFit benefits your strength and stamina at the gym as well as your functional movement in your every day life. During these sessions you will work with a coach every step of the way, who will lead you through the movements and lingo you can expect in our group classes.

Our Foundations courses have been updated to working around your schedule to complete the two classes versus a monthly class. There are two possible options: 1) two one-on-one classes, one week of regular classes, and a personalized nutrition report, or 2) two one-on-one classes, one month of regular classes, and a personalized nutrition report. If you and a family member/friend would like to complete the course together, a discount is available for 2+ per course.

Not every CrossFit gym requires an onboarding course, but we do. We believe it sets both you and the coaches up for success by giving you that one-on-one access to ask whatever questions you may have to make you feel as comfortable as you can before you start group classes!

We cannot wait to help get you started on your CrossFit journey!

Personal Training

Our Coaches, Your Goals

$45 | 30 minute session
$80 | 60 minute session

One of the cornerstones of Blue Crab CrossFit is our world-class coaching. Our Coaches are some of the best in the business, and our team takes tremendous pride in helping athletes of all walks of life crush their goals.

Our 30 minute sessions are intended for skill development and/or a short workout.

Our 60 minute sessions build your base. Sessions can include strength & skill – whatever you’d like to focus on! Learn, lift, and sweat!


Traveling to the area - drop in while you're in town!

$20 | 1 day
$30 | 2 days
$40 | 3 days
$60 | 1x Week
$110 | 2x Weeks
$165 | 3x Weeks
$185 | Monthly

We love visiting CrossFitters! We’d love to host you while you’re in the area! If you are in town for a longer period of time, drop us a line and we’ll discuss the best option for you!